Hi there!

I'm currently a Ph.D. student in Information Science at Cornell University, based in NYC at Cornell Tech. I'm advised primarily by Nicola Dell and Deborah Estrin. I'm supported by a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.

I design and build sociotechnical systems to help us care for each other. Lately I've been working on large-scale computational analysis of the language of online therapy; justice-oriented design of caregiving systems in home health; and computer security for victims and survivors of intimate partner violence. More fundamentally, I'm interested in mitigating the harms caused by technocratic largesse through feminist approaches to the design and development of computing systems.

I earned a B.A. from Princeton University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, focusing on epidemiological modeling for global health. I also earned an M.S. from Cornell Tech in Health Tech. In previous lives I made radio, print and multimedia journalism and ran early-stage product development at a consumer health tech startup. I've also worked as a healthcare consultant in the U.S. and taught software engineering.

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contact me

Email is best. You can reach me at et397 at cornell dot edu. I also tweet sometimes.


February 2023
Thanks Cornell for this very nice student spotlight on me and my work!
November 2022
Had a wonderful time at the Northeast Privacy Scholars Workshop. Thanks for everything, NYU!
October 2022
Learned so much at the 2022 Rising Stars in EECS workshop. Thanks for the hospitality, UT Austin!
October 2022
Spoke at the University of Chicago CS People and Technology seminar. Thanks for having me!
September 2022
Spoke at the AnitaB.org Grace Hopper Celebration in a a session on award-winning research in HCI. Thanks CRA-WP for the invitation!
July 2022
Spoke at the Google Trust and Safety Research Speaker Series.
June 2022
Attended the Human-Computer Interaction Consortium in scenic Wisconsin.
Summer 2022
Interning at Microsoft Research with Mary L. Gray.
May 2022
Attended CHI in New Orleans presenting Care Infrastructures for Digital Security and Privacy in Intimate Partner Violence, which earned a Best Paper Award!
Spring 2022
Interning at Microsoft Research with Mary L. Gray.
October 2021
Attending virtual CSCW. Organizing Subtle CSCW Traits, a workshop convening social computing researchers with ties to the Asian diaspora, and attending a workshop on the Future of Care Work.
October 2021